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A classic dessert of summers " AAMRAS " is super easy to make and tastes heavenly. It is prepared by blending peeled and chopped mangoes with milk and water. Add saffron and cardamom and it will take your taste buds to a journey like never before. You can use any variety of mango like Badam, Kesar, Alphonso you have at home.

Aamras is served with regular meals or after meals as a dessert. Aamras when served with puri makes a complete meal in itself. You do not need anything else with it then. My kids love this combo and it is their most loved lunch or dinner during summers.

I remember enjoying it with hot plain steamed rice as a kid when i visited my maternal grandparents during summer vaccation. Now I do not love this combination but relish aamras as a dessert. Sometimes I add a scoop of vanilla icecream or kulfi and believe me , IT TASTES AMAZING !!!

You can add sugar if the mangoes are little sour but if mangoes are sweet you can totally skip adding sugar. I usually add milk and water in 1:1 ratio to adjust the consistency. I highly recommend to add few threads of saffron and cardamom seeds when you blend the mangoes, it gives nice rich flavour to the aamras.

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Cuisine : Indian

Course : Dessert / Accompaniment

Prep time : 5 min

Blending time : 2 min

Serving : 3


  • 2 Mangoes

  • 1/3 Cup water

  • 1/3 Cup milk

  • Few threads of saffron

  • Seeds of 2 green cardamom pods

  • 1 Tbsp sugar (optional)


1. Wash , peel and chop the mangoes.

2. In a blender add chopped mangoes, milk , water , cardamom seeds and saffron and blend to make a smooth aamras.

3. Pour in bowls or serving glass , chill it and garnish with nuts before serving.

4. You can also serve it with hot puri.

SUMMER'S DELIGHT.............

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