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Summer is upon us and so is the shift to refreshing fruity coolers. Mangoes, melons, watermelon are in plenty these days.

I simply love watermelon and stock it up regularly in my refrigerator.

I eat it ! I sip it !! I enjoy it all summers long !!!

Blending up watermelon is pretty easy and quick. It takes only minutes to prepare this Ginger Watermelon Cooler. Pair it up with herbs like ginger, mint for added benefits. Believe me it tastes AMAZING !

So dig into the recipe and blend this refreshing , healthy cooler this summers.

Cuisine : Indian

Course : Drinks

Prep time : 5 min

Blending time : 2 min

Serving : 3


  • 4 Cups watermelon diced

  • 2 Tbsp Sugar (optional)

  • 1/4 Tsp rock salt

  • 6-8 Fresh mint leaves

  • A big slice of ginger

  • 2 Tsp lime juice


1. Add diced watermelon, ginger and mint leaves in a blender.

2. Add rock salt, lime juice and sugar to it and blend until smooth.

3. Strain the juice to remove seeds and pulp.

4. Garnish with fresh mint leaves, lime wedge and serve chilled.

Pretty, colourful , healthy, IT'S COOOOOOL.........

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