• Preeti Vaswani


It has been a while I had melt in mouth Kaju ladoo, and with Diwali being in a couple of days I decided to make them at home. If you too are Kaju sweet lover, this recipe is no less than a PURE BLISS !!!

Kaju ladoo is a classic, glittery, Indian festive sweet made with powdered kaju( cashew ), sugar, milk powder, ghee and laden with rose and cardamom flavor. This cashew fudge is jammed with a nutty and fruity mixture of pistachio and cranberry. Garnished with edible silver leaves, saffron, and pistachio makes it outstandingly awesome and stunningly perfect for Diwali.

This Kaju ladoo is perfect for all the nut lovers to satisfy their sweet tooth on Diwali. It makes a great gift for friends and relatives on various occasions like weddings, parties, and festivals. Personally, I am a huge fan of Kaju sweets and I must have it on Diwali.

And have I told you that this Kaju ladoo not only looks awesome but also tastes amazing is so so so easy to make it at home. It just requires 3-4 essential ingredients and some flavoring agents.

First, you have to make a smooth dough with cashew powder, sugar, ghee, and water. The dough is flavored with rose water and cardamom powder.

Next, get ready with the mixture of unsalted silvered pistachio and finely chopped cranberry.

Finally, stuff the cashew confection with the nutty and fruity mixture and garnish with edible silver leaves, saffron, and pistachio. And you are ready to celebrate Diwali with these sweet and pretty looking, glittering Kaju ladoos.

Cuisine : Indian

Course : Dessert

Prep time : 30 minutes

Cooking time : 15 minutes

Servings : 9 in no.


For cashew confection

  • 1 Cup cashew powder

  • 1/3 Cup sugar

  • 1/4 Cup water

  • 2 Tbsp rose water

  • 1 Tsp cardamom powder

  • 3 Tbsp ghee

For stuffing

  • 1Tbsp finely chopped dried cranberry

  • 1 Tbsp silvered unsalted pistachio

For garnishing

  • Edible silver leaves

  • Saffron soaked in water

  • Silvered unsalted pistachio


  1. Soak few saffron strands in water and keep aside.

  2. For stuffing, in a small bowl mix silvered pistachio and chopped cranberry and keep it aside.

  3. In a bowl transfer, cashew powder and milk powder.

  4. Mix thoroughly and keep aside.

5. Transfer the cashew to the grinder/chopper. Make sure the cashew is at room temperature ( see the NOTES below )

6. Grind the cashew to a fine flour-like texture. Add only 1/4 cup of cashew at a time in the chopper or grinder.

7. Pulse to get a fine powder and pass through a sieve.

8. Keep aside the cashew powder to use it later.

9. Combine sugar and water in a pan.

10. Add rose water to it.

11. Also, add cardamom powder to it.

12. Bring the mixture to a boil.

13. Once the sugar syrup reached one string consistency, lower the flame to the minimum possible ( see the NOTES below )

14. Add Cashew powder and ghee to it.

15. Stir continuously till it collects together to form a soft dough.

16. Transfer the dough to a greased surface and wait for 5 minutes for the dough to cool down a little.