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Perfectly creamy and delicious Mango Kulfi is a must-have summer treat!!!

This easy, homemade mango kulfi is creamy, rich and luscious. It is made with simple ingredients that are easily available in any nearby supermarket.

As we are nearing the end of mango season but still we have a good variety of mangoes available in the market , just do not miss this last opportunity to satisfy your mango and ice cream cravings.

The roller coaster of rising temperature and humidity of Kuwait at this time of the year drives me nuts and then comes so creamy, so fruity and yes so delicious mango kulfi to my rescue. Slurping these frozen treats on a super hot and humid day is a feast.

A variety of mangoes from India, Egypt and Oman are available at supermarkets in Kuwait. This mango kulfi was prepared from the Omani mangoes which I got it from Bakala( a convenience store near by your home , as much I know). We have been having a lot of mangoes these days in form of Mango Lassi, Mango shake and Mango ice cream. You can try this recipe with any variety of mango locally available but go for a sweeter one.

What is Kulfi and how is it different from ice cream ?

For those who are new to the term kulfi , let me tell you it is an Indian version of ice cream.

Ice cream is made with a cream base while kulfi is made with milk, milk solids and sugar.

The texture of ice cream is light and fluffy as air is incorporated in it. Kulfi on the other hand is creamy but dense and this is how it should be.

To make ice cream you require ice cream churner while no special equipment is required to make kulfi.

I love this Mango Kulfi as it is

  • easy and homemade

  • fruity, creamy and delicious

  • great to satisfy evening sweet cravings

  • awesome summer frozen dessert

  • make-ahead dessert recipe for a crowd

What goes in Mango Kulfi ?

  • Dairy- Milk and milk powder both for best result

  • Mango puree- Fresh puree in mango season(recommended) or tinned pulp

  • Sweetener- sweetened condensed milk for the creamy texture

  • Nuts- Pistachio for the crunch

  • Thickening agent- cornflour for no ice crystals and dense texture

Flavouring- I have not added any flavouring agents like cardamom or saffron. Keeping it plain gives a delicious blast of mango in each bite. But if you like you can add cardamom/saffron as both flavour go well with mango.

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Pro tips by Preeti

  • It is important to stir the milk while milk is simmering. It prevents milk from sticking at bottom of the pan and hence from burning.

  • Once you add milk powder keep an eye on the milk as it thickens really fast.

  • Cool the kulfi mixture completely before adding mango pulp as we do not want the pulp to get cooked in the hot kulfi mixture also it prevents the kulfi mix from curdling.

Don't have kulfi moulds , no worries , a quick hack !!!

If you do not have those traditional cylindrical kulfi moulds, you can use yogurt cups or you can use disposable tea-coffee cups that come in different sizes. This time I have used Popsicle mould and small tea cups as you can see in the picture.

Cuisine : Indian

Course : Dessert

Freezing time : 8-10 hours

Cooking time : 20 minutes

Servings : 6-8 (small cups)


  • 4 Cups full fat milk

  • 10 Tbsp milk powder

  • 3 Tbsp condensed milk(4 tbsp if you like sweeter)

  • 2 Tbsp chopped pistachio

  • 1/3 Cup fresh mango puree

  • 1 Tbsp cornflour dissolved in 3 Tbsp milk


1. Add milk to a heavy bottom pan on medium heat. Let it come to a simmer and then lower the heat to medium-low till it reduces to half of its original quantity.

2. Then add the milk powder and mix well.

3. Add the condensed milk and mix.

4. Also add the chopped pistachio and mix.

5. Let the milk simmer on low heat for 20 minutes.

6. Add cornflour slurry to the milk and mix well

7. Let the milk simmer for 5 more minutes after adding the cornflour, keep stirring continuously. It will thicken considerably.

8. Remove pan from heat and then let the milk cool completely. Once it has cooled add fresh mango puree and mix well.

9. Transfer kulfi mixture to plastic cups or kulfi moulds. Cover each with aluminium foil.

10. Carefully place the cups in the freezer.

11 .Once kulfi is little set for around 2 hours, take them out of the freezer and insert a ice cream stick in each mold. Return kulfi to the freezer and freeze until set, preferably overnight.

12. Demould carefully . garnish with pistachio before serving.

Creamy, fruity , delicious summer treat......frozen delights

If you try this recipe, let me know! Leave a comment and don’t forget to take a picture and tag it #preetiskitchentales on Instagram! I’d love to see the recreation of my recipe in your kitchen.

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