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Absolutely divine sweet !!!

These rasgullas are as heavenly as they look. If done right nothing perfect than these white beauties for special occasions , festivals or weekend self-sweet indulgence.

What is Rasgulla ?

Rasgulla is a very famous and traditional dessert recipe from the eastern state of West Bengal famous for its rich culture, art and of course food.

Undoubtedly, among the favorite sweets of many rasgullas are made of cheena and sugar. The milk solid which we get after curdling the milk with an acidic medium like lemon juice, curd or vinegar is known as Cheena or Indian cottage cheese. The whey is separated and cheena is hung for few hours. The dried cheena is kneaded and rolled to tiny balls. These balls are cooked in sugar syrup till they double in size and turn light and spongy.

Just take a bite of this juicy, spongy rasgulla and I bet that you won't stop after having one , they are so addictive!!!

Ingredients for Rasgulla

Milk- Milk is the main ingredient for making rasgulla. Fresh cow's milk with 3 to 4 percent of the fat is good to go.

Vinegar- I use vinegar to curdle the milk, have never tried using lemon juice however you can try it out and share the result with me.

Semolina- Just a teaspoon of semolina gives good binding and texture to the rasgulla. I also tried using APF but semolina gives a better texture to rasgulla.

Sugar solution - For the perfect sweetness till the center always cook the rasgullas in a light sugar solution. Have mentioned the perfect ratio of sugar to water in the tips below, so don't miss it.

Flavoring agent - How can you skip adding flavour to the rasgulla, there are many flavours that you can add to the rasgullas. You can add cardamom, saffron, rose water or kewra water.

Tips and tricks for soft and spongy Rasgullas

Let's begin with......the techniques for making perfect rasgulla as not the recipe but techniques make the difference.

Milk is an important ingredient in this recipe. Always use fresh cow's milk with 3% - 4 % of fat content. This gives the best result.

Curdle the milk with white vinegar. To be precise I use 20 ml of vinegar for a liter of milk.

Add a liter of chilled water to the curdled milk to stop the process of cooking. This gives a soft cushion like cheena. Hard cheena does not yeilds soft rasgullas.

Discard the whey and collect the cheena in a muslin cloth. Tie and hang the muslin cloth holding cheena for at least 6 to 8 hours. I usually prepare the cheena at night and hang it overnight. The next day early morning I prepare the rasgullas. The cheena has a nice perfect crumbly texture in the morning.

While kneading the cheena add a teaspoon of semolina which not only acts as a binding agent but also absorbs the moisture from the cheena if any. Also add a teaspoon of fine refined sugar which ensures a delicious blast of sweetness in the rasgulla till the center. Knead the crumbly cheena along with semolina and sugar till it becomes smooth. Make a small ball of little cheena and check it should be crack free and this ensures that it needs no more kneading.

Use a wide pan to boil the cheese balls in sugar syrup as these cheese balls double in size. If the vessel is overcrowded there will not be any space left for the cheese balls to expand and rasgulla may disintegrate in sugar syrup.

The sugar and water ratio for sugar syrup can vary as 1 : 4-6. That means for a cup of sugar you can add 4 to 6 cups of water. Here in this recipe I have added 4 and 1/2 cups of water to 1 cup of sugar.

Drop the cheese balls in boiling hot sugar syrup and ensure the sugar syrup is continuously bubbling and boiling the entire time when the rasgullas are cooking.

Boil the rasgullas on high flame for the first five minutes and then reduce the flame to medium high and boil for another 20 -25 minutes. Switch off the flame but do not open the lid, keep the rasgullas covered for another 15-20 minutes and then open the lid. This will prevent the rasgulllas from deflating.

Once the rasgullas have reached room temperature you can add rose water or kewra water and then refrigerate. Serve the rasgullas chilled.

Serving and storage suggestions

Rasgullas are just perfect for any occasion or festival or big and small gatherings. Be it Diwali, Holi, Rakshabandhan or weddings or birthday parties rasgulla makes each occasion sweeter. Perfect for any time of the day.

Once cool down store the rasgulla in a glass bowl with a lid in the refrigerator. Rasgullas taste best when consumed within two to three days after you make it. As there is no preservative and sugar syrup is also very light its better to consume it within 3 to 4 four days. And I assure you it won't last that long. Soon you are ready to prepare next batch of it.

These Rasgullas are

✔ loved by all

✔ soft, juicy and yummy

✔ easy when you master the tricks to make

✔ great for all and any occasion

✔ my family favourite

✔ so let's make it soon

Cuisine : Indian

Course : Dessert

Prep time : 8 hours(hanging time)

Cooking time : 25 minutes

Servings :12 in nos.


  • 1 Liter fresh full fat cow milk

  • 200 gms sugar

  • 900-1000 ml water

  • 1 Tsp fine semolina

  • 1 Tsp fine granulated sugar

  • 20 ml white vinegar

  • 2 Cardamon pods(optional)

  • 1 Tbsp rose water

  • 1 Liter ice chilled water


1. Take 1 liter of fresh full fat cow' s milk in a pan and keep it to boil on medium flame. Keep on stirring the milk at regular intervals so that the milk does not get stick to the bottom.

2. When milk comes to a rolling boil switch the flame to low and add 20 ml of vinegar to it.

3. Stir with a ladle with light hands till you see greenish whey separates from the milk and cheena is formed. Switch off the flame at this point.

4. Add ice chilled water to it which reduces the temperature at once and stops cheena from further cooking. This step is very important for soft rasgullas.

5. Now pour the curdled milk over the muslin cloth lined strainer or bowl. You can use the whey in gravy for vegetables or knead the dough for chapati.

6. Gather all the sides of the muslin cloth and squeeze the muslin with your hands very well, so that excess water is drained from the chenna and hang it for around 8 hours or overnight to get right crumbly cheena.

7. After around 8 hours remove the cheena from the muslin cloth and take it out on a plate and add semolina and sugar. Knead it well till it turns smooth and uniform. Normally it takes 2 to 3 minutes to make the cheena smooth.

8. Divide the cheena in 12 small portions. Make smooth and crackfree balls. Do remember that these balls will expand and double in size once cooked so do not make big balls. Cover and set it aside.

9. In a wide pan add sugar, water, cardamom pods(optional) and set the flame to high. Stir occasionally till sugar dissolves and the solution comes to rolling boil. Let the solution boil for 2 minutes.

10. Now drop the cheena balls one by one in the pan keeping the pan on high flame. Drop all the balls in the sugar solution.

11. Cover it with a lid and let it boil on high flame for 5 minutes.

12. After 5 minutes reduce the flame at medium high and let the cheena balls cook in solution for 20 minutes. Adjust the flame according to your gas stove such that the sugar solution is continuously bubbling and boiling. Open the lid in between for once or twice and just stir the sugar solution with wooden spoon or skewer and cover the lid quickly.

13. After 25 minutes of total cooking the rasgullas switch off the flame but do not open the lid. Wait for another 25 to 20 minutes and then open the lid.

14. Once the rasgullas have cooled down to room temperature add rose water.

15. Refrigerate the rasgullas for at least 6 hours before serving as chilled rasgullas taste best and more spongy.


If you try this recipe, let me know! Leave a comment and don’t forget to take a picture and tag it #preetiskitchentales on Instagram! I’d love to see the recreation of my recipe in your kitchen.

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